Trailer: I'm Perfectly Fine

Een kleurrijke animatieverfiliming van de graphic novel 'Burnout Dagboek' van Maaike Hartjes over burn-outs en perfect willen zijn.

this is Maya

successful freelance illustrator

“I listen to a little voice in my head

that's my number one supporter

“yay Maya

you can do it”

she helps me get things


with every stroke of her brush

she's getting closer to her perfect life

“I’m nominated for pictogram

That’s like the Oscars for illustration!”


wait a minute


 shouldn't you finish OneCare first

“We Care”

 let's get creative


yes sorry sorry

are you on your way yet

it's about to start

you have seven new messages

what's this?

it's not working right

just put the pen on the paper and start.

There you go

We are very confident you will need our expectations


How unprofessional, Maya…

If you fail, they will never ask you again

Do you want a burn-out?




What a beautiful morning

So many things you can do today!